As they say: “necessity is the mother of invention”, his ingenuity and tenacious research led to 4 “Gumtex” dental surgical training model patents. They sold like hotcakes via peer reviewed hands-on table clinic presentations like book signings or 2 day lectures and ultimately went to more than 40 countries to train over 4000 dentists, students, profs . It paid for his lengthy medical, dental education including graduate studies and clinic via American instrument manufacturer and CE awards, etc.  Such a simple $10 idea! It led to his nickname “Dr Gum”….

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'95 Dr Petty letter of recommendation '95 Gumtex model shipments - '00 '95 Gumtex models '95 Heather dental ad                                        '95 Practice makes perfect '96 Dr Saik letter of recommendation      

           '98 Award Leibinger instrumentsADA 94   '98 Award Miltex instruments                          America's Cup 2016 best gift           Hudson Marina   '95 Gumtex models to 40+ countries                     Chicago (2) Chicago McCormick Pl                                Dallas Bell 230 Dallas hotel                           Dallas presentation   '95 Dallas US table clinics '95-'00                                               top of the Hancock Tower   Wrigley Bldg                                                        exam The DrakeASDA Exam                                              Finisterra pool side Finisterra                                           Cabos San Lucas                             Gumtex 1 Gumtex 2                                                                                                                        Lima Peru lecture Mariano Flores Rubio DDS 1933-2003              Cusco MI8    Cusco '96 Machu Picchu CE '96 Rain Forest Rescue    Palm Sprin  Palm Springs table clinic Pedal to the metal   Questa                                  San Antonio (2)   Surgi-assist E-Nable hand                               SanFran Hyatt  SF table clinic Stars & Stripesupe8F9

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