Dr Bernie Unrau DDS overcame much adversity and plight. After accidently stumbling across an article in a 1985 CDA (Canadian Dental Association) Journal entitled “Dentists as Detectives” and a 4 minute video by Robin Cook MD, about how he wrote his best selling books usually in 6 weeks each summer, Bernie declared, “by God I can do that!

   “Dr Gum” is the dental gumshoe type detective and central character in his harrowing tales. Part bumbling lieutenant Columbo, the crafty Sherlock Holmes created by Sir Conan Doyle also a physician or the determination of Tom Clancy’s Dr Jack Ryan. Coupled with the research of Michael Crichton’s science fiction action adventures or John Grisham’s chilling legalistic thrillers, many of his suspense filled stories were inspired by his own travels  and personal experiences.

.  Bernie plans to pen many more books and screenplays like the prolific Zane Grey, turn of the century dentist turned novelist turned screenwriter who went on to pen 100 books which became 100 films, westerns, before Clint Eastwood’s. A set of Bernie’s books are next to Zane’s in the American Dental Association Library Archives in Chicago. His mission is to place many more millions of smiles on people’s faces around the globe then he ever could practicing dentistry. Bernie has enjoyed travel, tennis, sailing, skiing, hiking, cycling, flying, reading and thinking.

Whether unraveling nuclear threats, on the trail of a bioterrorist or caught in the middle of natural and unnatural disasters; uncovering a dastardly scheme, deadly dilemma or possible impending global pandemic; bringing a new medical breakthrough or the latest leading edge technology to light; chasing a famous art forgery or finding the answers to a frightening futuristic fiasco, Bernie brings these issues to light in a highly imaginative way. His 36 science fiction thrillers read like science fact. 35 screenplay adaptations, 88 scripts and counting, 25,000 + original scenes, 10 + millions words, several of which are in discussions to be made into feature films.

Publisher Spotlight – Dr Bernie Unrau

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DREAM BIG c2017 action dramedy in real life illustrated 81 pgs   037      “Winner winner, chicken dinner.”


                                                                                  “THE FIFTH PILLAR” c 2017

                                     The Fifth Pillar cover_result

“The Fifth Pillar” c2017  174 pg illustrated technothriller  036   90 pg screenplay 086

paperback + ebook

Part of DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency), the United State’s military strategy for cyberwarfare, the 5th Pillar’s aim is to maintain and enhance the advantage of technological change including improved computer literacy and artificial intelligence to protect America from any imminent threats. Active areas of DARPA research include ‘Protein Design’ and ‘Artificial Gene Synthesis’. A brilliant medical discovery into cancer vaccine carriers has caught the attention of the agency. As Einstein’s (meaning ‘one stone’) timeless physics formulas were intended for pacifistic, peaceful purposes, the promising technology is modified, militarized ere the insidious side effects are considered with far reaching consequences, as lethal as any targetted nuclear strike, the lesser of two evils? Unfortunately for the fate of mankind, the weapon unwittingly falls into the wrong hands, Pandora’s Box is opened unleashing an extinction level event of epic proportions. No stone is unscathed or left unturned on the unstoppable ‘revelation wrath path’ signifying the end of all things, ‘The Rapture’. As Robert Burns said so succinctly ‘the best laid plans of mice and men gang aft agley.” Inspired by an amalgamation of Outbreak, Live Free or Die Hard, A Walk To Remember, I AM Legend, Left Behind and The Lost World.

Outbreak 1995 DARPA artificial gene synthesis - Copy I Am Legend 2009 The Lost World Left Behind 2014

Resident Evil Outbreak (soundtrack)

Where is the Love? (Black Eyed Peas)

Dancing in the Sky (from Left Behind)

I Wish We’d All Been Ready

I AM Legend  (soundtrack theme)

                                                                            “DEAD HAND” RELEASED 2017

                                     Dead Hand book cover_result

“Dead Hand” c 2017  145 pg illustrated technothriller 035, 90 pg screenplay 085

paperback + ebook 

Both American and Russian World leaders batten down the hatches in fierce war game simulations prior to their first official state dinner only to discover a trojan horse, a significant breach of a Mutually Assured Destructive (MAD) system in an impenetrable Deep Underground Missile Base (DUMB). in the heart of Russia. Impossible to access or deactivate by land, sea or air. The only hope for mankind may be to send in a Special Ops team consisting of Navy Seal Team Six and genetically engineered hybrids called ‘Operation Zero Hour’. They have only 24 hours to reach their goal in the monstrous maze the size of Moscow or Washington inside the beltway. Inspired by an amalgamation of War Games, Sum of All Fears, The Lost World and Zero Days.

war-games-1983  the-sum-of-all-fears-52f7b778e7751  The Lost World  zero-days-2016

1st ch.excerpt  DEAD HAND copyright 2017 1st ch

Dead Hand : Doomsday Machine

Sum of All Fears

DARPA Future Technologies

Tyrannos TX “flying jeep”

F35 Lightning II (F135 engine)

Jurassic Park ending song



“Lion Island” c 2016  174 pg illustrated technothriller 034, 90 pg screenplay 084

paperback + ebook

A bold vision by a determined billionaire to introduce an energy efficient resort and revive a unique form of Lion Country safari aka Ngala (meaning lion) Prehistoric Park in America’s own backyard reaches fruition. A plethora of extinct prehistoric species including the American Lion, (Panther Atrox), American Cheetah (Miracinonyx Inexpectatus), giant deer (Megaloceros) and many more critters that roamed the plains of North America tens of thousands of years ago goes awry. The genetically engineered creatures, resurrected from fragments of DNA including extinct Caspian Tiger, Saber Tooth (Smilodon fatalis) etc. to fill in the gaps escape from their enclosures at the CARE (Center for Animal Research and Education) facility, to go on a terrifying feeding frenzy of all indigenous species; American Bison, Camel, Giraffe, Saber Toothed Squirrels, etc  even the female form of the well heeled two legged Cougar Californicus which came to Lion Island (Santa Cruz), the largest of the Channel Islands, a biodiverse Galapagos of North America, only 3 hours from Ventura, California. Prey for the overwhelmed, outnumbered, outgunned but not outsmarted hunters in the ensuing chaos, intent on wiping the ferocious beasts off the face of the planet. Will the genetically engineered hybrid creatures forced to flee the island as the original inhabitants, the Chumash Native American Indians were ages ago find a new home? The Ghost and the Darkness meets Avatar meets Jurassic World.

1 b The Ghost & the Darkness   1 c Avatar   2015 elements of The ROM in JW copyright infringements

1st ch. excerpt (no illustrations)   lion-island-1st-ch

American Lion

Katy Perry, ‘Roar’:

100 years of secrets from the La Brea Tar pits,LA

Eagles, ‘Last Resort’ :

In celebration of the 100th Anniversary of the US National Parks Service (1916-2016)

1 nps-2016-news1 Channel_islands-330-exp

                                                                    ” IN GOLD WE TRUST ” RELEASED JUNE 2016


“In Gold We Trust” c 2016  150 pg illustrated action adventure 033, 90 pg screenplay 083

paperback + ebook

Gold, the precious metal the founding fathers of the original 13 colonies treasured as dearly as The Declaration of Independence, aided in laying the groundwork of the pioneers, the men that made America Great and set the United States of America on the right track to become the greatest nation on earth. The leading power, the most innovative, entrepreneurial melting pot of minds, God given abilities and talent the world has ever seen, left to pursue life, liberty and happiness. The precious metal has become so intrinsically woven into the fabric of every aspect of the American way of life, it has touched the lives, hearts and minds of each and every citizen. Yet one of the greatest unsolved National Treasure mysteries remains, the elusive Tsar’s Treasure, a $3 million ‘gold engagement’ shipment of mint $20 US gold double eagle coins destined for the Tsar’s Palace and to pay for the US Navy, was lost. Allegedly the specie was stashed in the cargo hold of the RMS Republic that went down in shark infested waters off Nantucket Island after she was broadsided by the SS Florida on Jan 24, 1909 three years before Titanic. A highly speculative convoluted trail of clues caught the attention and imagination of our treasure hunters who are dying to discover, give their hearts and minds to this most challenging of endeavours, willing to give their lives and even their very souls in search of the elusive gold. Inspired by National Treasure, Book of Secrets, Paycheck & Tower Heist.


Treasure of the RMS Republic. New York MSVHQ 2009

“Secrets” by One Republic

Scrap metal turns out to be $33 million Faberge Egg. CNN June 29, 2015.

“Soldier of Fortune” by Deep Purple

The cover of the golden eagle landing was inspired by the East Coast War Memorial in Battery Park, at the tip of Manhattan NYC. Administered by the American Battle Monuments Commission, it is one of three memorials commemorating US servicemen who gave their lives in coastal waters off the Atlantic Ocean. The others are the West Coast Memorial in San Francisco and the Honolulu Memorial.

                                      LACRYMA CHRISTI”  or “TEARS OF CHRIST”  RELEASED SEPT.. 2015


“Laryma Christi” c 2015  339 pg medical technothriller  032


A doctor, Will Chambers, is exposed to the ebola virus on the front lines near the borders of Sierre Leone, Guinea and Liberia. Given a clean bill of health, he embarks on an African cruise aboard the Mystique of the Seas destined for Casablanca with his fiancé, Emma. She notices his distinct eye color change. Is he harboring the virus? An unruly passenger TKOs the doc  trying to dance with his fiancé during a gala ship board event. His eye ruptures forcing an emergency airlift back to Capetown.  Pandemonium erupts onboard. The crew is ill prepared to deal with the outbreak. Emma discovers a syringe left by her fiancé in her purse and injects herself. The ill fated cruise ship is on a date with destiny with her sister ship, Pride of the Seas, the largest on the high seas outside the break wall near Casablanca. Deadly events unleash an impending  global pandemic. Just how prepared are we to stop it’s spread? An amalgamation of Outbreak, Speed 2, Titanic and Jaws.

1st ch. excerpt  lacryma-christi-1st-ch-excerpt


Possible sexual transmission of Ebola Virus – Liberia 2015. CDC May 8, 2015. Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report

Birds could spread Ebola CBC Dec.18, 2002

How many patients have been treated outside of Africa? NY Times Jan. 26, 2015

Should we diagnose rare diseases with smartphones? David Robson. Future 2014 10 17

The title and cover allude to the tale about the fallen angel, the devil, who fell from heaven, Christ was so saddened, his tears saturated the slopes of Mt Vesuvius creating a rich, fertile soil, the vineyards and grapes cultivated resulted in the wine by the same name, Lacryma Christi or “Tears of Christ.”

                      the-rom-10-pt-cover_result  The ROM 2

The ROM‘  c1999 365 pgs pb sci fi horror 120 pg screenplay 011  Following a lightning strike on The ROM (Royal Ontario Museum) dinosaur eggs in the paleontology dept. hatch. The frightened, famished, ‘fish out of water’ terrorize Toronto then dine and dash on a ‘road trip’ through SE Ontario. The US president plans a preemptive strike on Toronto Island ere they swim across L. Ontario into NY state. Jurassic Park meets The Relic meets Canadian Bacon.

paperback + ebook

      The ROM 2 The_ROM_the_movie_1.jpg Terror Island 1 a bmutv-copy alligator-alley-1 Viciousaurus sequel to The ROM 2015 elements of The ROM in JW copyright infringements

   2010 BOSI (Business of Show Institute) Utube video pitch contest, “The ROM” screenplay adaptation of the book voted #1 in popular votes! 20,000+ Utube views, More than 2 million people wanted to see it in 3D. Bernie consulted with paleontologists from around the planet, animatronics experts, 6 sequels explored (“The Rom”, “Terror Island”, “Bury Me Under The Volcano”, “Alligator Alley” including ‘Viciousaurus’, ‘Ngala Prehistoric Park’ aka ‘Lion Island’ & ‘Dead Hand’ ). A $100 million dinosaur thriller was planned. Universal Studio lawyers said ‘great writing’ but couldn’t explain 127 copyright infringements in Jurassic World et al. Unrau v Amblin et al. ’16. FBI cybercrime filed in Jan 2018 re major IP theft, hacking, 10 million words, 25,000 original scenes, 37 books claimed as their own by Amazon Studio writers et al.

            rising-10-pt-cover_result  Rising 2

‘RISING c2009 psychological horror 313 pgs pb,  96 pgs screenplay 032

paperback + ebook     

Rising – The Boundary article

Dr Gum is dying to document paranormal activity rumored to plague The Prominence of Way Hotel at a remote retreat in Wutherington. He decides to kill two birds with one stone by bringing along his new bride. Events spiral downward and soon turn into the honeymoon from hell. Inspired by ‘The Shining’, ‘Paranormal Activity’ and local lore..


By Wade Paterson  Reporter

Despite being a hardworking dentist, Dr. Bernie Unrau doesn’t take summers off to relax. For him, the tamest of the four seasons is spent indoors, at his desk, pumping out medical science fiction thrillers. He’s continued this tradition since 1989, resulting in more than 20 self-published novels. His years as an employee in Waterton Lakes National Park gave him the idea for his latest work of fiction.
“I spent many of my formative years in Waterton. I spent about five summers down there in the mid-80s running the tour boat,” said Unrau.
“At the end of the day I usually spent my time in the lobby of the old Prince of Wales Hotel.”
Unrau said his curiosity about the unique architectural masterpiece increased as he continually heard famous Waterton ghost stories from locals.
“I often wondered about the old place and I was given a few special tours and was actually led inside the inner workings of the hotel, through some of the secret passageways.”
The Calgary dentist saw a similarity between the Prince of Wales Hotel and the Overlook Hotel: the setting of Stephen King’s 1977 horror novel, The Shining.
“It had been almost 30 years since The Shining came out. I figured maybe it’s a good time to do a story, there might be something here.”
The book follows Dr. Gum, a protagonist who Unrau admits is based loosely on himself. Gum plans to investigate the Prominence of Way Hotel after a series of paranormal activity reportedly occurs. Meanwhile, in the Weeping Willow Lounge, native tarot cards unveil an ill-fated future for the fictional dentist. Gum and his new bride Roxy move into the hotel and quickly get caught up in a series of horrific events.
Though Unrau wanted the setting of Waterton to stick in readers’ minds, he changed the names of various locations for fictional purposes.
“Waterton became Wutherington; Emerald Bay became Enchanted Bay. Everything was changed except for Crypt Lake.”
Unrau has no problem with those who judge a book by his cover. The novelist said that the front is one of his favourite features of the book.
“The cover of the book is a photo I took of the hotel. But to compress it into the 4×7 cover looks creepier, so it just turns into a great shocking story.”
Unrau has big plans for his newest novel. He said that a film version is currently in the works.
“The book was adapted into a screenplay and that’s been reviewed now by a number of producers. I had a long discussion with an L.A. company and I was truly trying to pitch the area.”
Though time will tell whether or not Unrau’s science fiction will take off, he said that the setting will appeal to the Waterton crowd who don’t mind being spooked.

Author sets book around Waterton  Wade Paterson submitted photo
Bernie Unrau’s newest book is a fictional tale that is loosely based on the Prince of Wales Hotel in Waterton Lakes National Park. The book was written in the summer of 2009 and Unrau hopes it will be made into a film adaptation. The cover of Bernie Unrau’s fictional book loosely based on the Prince of Wales Hotel.

Bayshore Inn Waterton location (Wutherington)   Bayshore Inn Waterton  Bayshore Inn book signings

Rising” book signings are planned each summer at the Bayshore Inn, Waterton. Hope to see you there. An LA film producer expressed an interest in producing the screenplay adaptation, essentially a paid vacation to an extremely  picturesque location.

     stemwinder-10-pt-cover_result   Stemwinder 2

STEMWINDER‘ c2006 sci-fi thriller 342 pgs pb, 112 pgs screenplay 018

Following a colleague’s funeral in absentia, Dr Gum is invited to join an endodontist’s team at NYU who has pioneered a new ‘stemwinder’ technique to harvest stem cells from the root canal. Not convinced, he’s flown to a distant clinic carte blanche, where he uncovers a shocking stem cell discovery and must stop it. 6th Day meets The Island.

paperback + ebook

Stemwinder is one of Dr Bernie Unrau’s 26 sci-fi novels, all of which are written in the style and spirit      of Robin Cook mixed with a touch of Michael Crichton. They capture the reader with bizarre yet tantalizing concepts that are grounded in real world science and applications – and which terrify all the more for being down to earth. For instance Stemwinder introduces the idea of using stem cells from the root canal as the building blocks of cloning.This technique offers undeniable benefits to anyone needing an organ transplant – or even anyone who doesn’t want to see the end of their ailing pet. But as with all technological inventions, evil is just around the corner. This stem cell project is hijacked by Dr Shine, who at first seems harmless enough, but who exhibits deeper and more insinuating ulterior motives as you read on. In the end Dr Shine endangers the whole world in his megalomania and only a quick witted dentist cum hero can stop him. In that vein battling the forces of evil in this novel, in the form of plaque, gingivitis, evil scientists is Unrau’s mainstay protagonis, Dr Gum. Gum is an amalgamation of Sherlock Holmes,  James Bond and Indiana Jones and he plays his part well. Woven with a mixture of suspense, intriguing science, romance and chest thumping action Stemwinder is sure to enthrall anyone who can appreciate a solid adventure story and characters you can empathize with. When’s the movie coming out, Dr Unrau?”  – Sam M. Glazer, Planned TV Arts, NYC #1 Publicists, 50 yrs of experience with such clients as John Grisham, Stephen King, Steve Martin….
“Sounds like something you can sink your teeth into!” – Dr John Ainsworth

“I saw the passion and drive you had for your writing…and with your dental background, as you realized with other past great writers, the depth of insight and research that is required for today’s discerning readers is one of your strengths…plus you truly want to captivate your readers with intrigue and intellectual stimulation…either as a book…a t.v. series or movie….” – Peter Donovan


HARTFORD, CT             WICH AM  NEWS-TALK  1310 AM        MARK  WAYNE        8:40-8:50  AM EST     OCT.13th

“Stem cells from the root canal? how closely should this be regulated?” – Mark

“As closely monitored as discarded nuclear waste….” – Bernie

AMHERST, VA                                  WAMV AM      1420 AM       BOB LANGSTAFF     9:10-9:20 AM EST      OCT. 13th

“Stem cells? promising ?” – Bob

“Yes, a viable source of SCs other then the umbilical cord blood or from the fetus’ 14 day blastocyst stage…to address the acute shortage of organs for transplant surgery…fact may soon be stranger then fiction….” – Bernie

BOSTON, MA                                     WDIS  AM     1170 AM         DAN COLLIER         10:40-10:50 AM EST   OCT. 13th

“Interesting , compelling story about the future of stem cells….” – Dan

“Yes, if we put our minds to it in 10 years we could cure several diseases… perhaps clone the qualities of some of our former great leaders?…” – Bernie

MINNEAPOLIS, MN                         KFLD AM      1410 AM         AARON IMHOLTE     4:15-4:30 PM EST     OCT. 14th

“What inspired so many books?” -Aaron

“God only knows?….. divine inspiration?….. I stumbled across a 4 min video by Robin Cook about 20 years ago about how he began to write best sellers in about 6 weeks each summer since his residency….” – Bernie


“Interesting issues raised….” -Larry

“The investigation included research papers from clandestine clinics/labs outside the US along with 50 FDA regulated countries….” – Bernie

VERO BEACH, FL                               WTTB           1490 AM        JUDYTH PIAZZA        10:00-10:15 AM EST  OCT. 23rd

For the complete interview click the following link

“What would you say to young writers?” – Judyth

“Writing is 99% perspiration, 1% inspiration, like the Olympics, a lot of mental gymnastics!” – Bernie

MINNEAPOLIS, MN                       KBEM-FM       #1 JAZZ               ED JONES             10:15-10:25 AM EST   OCT. 27th

“What would you say about your prolific writing?” – Ed

“An intense labor of love in about 6 weeks, usually each summer, very focussed, concentrated effort….” – Bernie

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO           KCMN AM      1530 AM         TRON SIMPSON     11:40-11:45 AM EST    OCT. 27th

“Stemwinder….. one scary, spooky story!” – Tron

QUINCY, IL                                       WQUB             90.3 FM               JIM LENZ            12:00-12:10 PM EST    OCT. 27th

“Your background? D.D.S.?… doctor of dental science?” -Jim

“Yes, doctor of dental science and surgery, I had an affinity for medical terms… surgery, otherwise I might have become a minister, D.D.V., doctor of divinity, but I could never remember who begat who….” – Bernie

“Cloning raises several ethical issues….”  – Jim

“Yes…how far would you go to bring back a loved one?…’for man is appointed only once to die..’ Hebrews 9:27 KJV.”  – Bernie

OMAHA, NE                                  KMA-AM        NEWS TALK      CHUCK and DON      9:45-9:55 AM EST    NOV. 7th

“Stem cells from the root canal, very exciting….” – Chuck

“The most exciting discovery in dentistry in ages…..” – Bernie

“You’re the detective Dr Gum, the main character in all your books….like the gumshoe detective?….pretty creative……..” – Chuck

“Yes perhaps my alter ego? a nickname I acquired during my lengthy medical-dental education….from an inexpensive ‘Gumtex’ surgical model I developed to train dentists doctors, profs around the globe…..” – Bernie

“Any more books planned?” – Chuck

“Yes, prequels, sequels, in this quirky universe I’ve created…..Dr Gum hasn’t died yet. He may live on forever?” – Bernie

ALBANY, NY                                 WVTK-AM        1570 AM          BOB CUDMORE        6:10-6:20 AM EST    NOV.10th

“Stem cells to build new teeth?” – Bob

“Yes, new teeth, gum tissue and eventually entire organs because of the totipotency of the stem cells. A tremendous potential benefit in all branches of medicine.” – Bernie

“A dentist who also writes?” – Bob

“Yes, inspired by Michael Crichton, God rest his soul, with his science gone awry stories and perhaps dentist turning novelist like Zane Grey who went on to pen about 90 books mostly westerns, was also a dentist. God willing maybe I’ll pen that many?” – Bernie


“One would rarely think of a dentist as a detective sleuth yet….” – David

“We dentists have a lot of science at our disposal from basic forensics to all kinds of medical diagnostic techniques…..combined with an insatiable curiosity for new technology, lasers, holograms, aerospace….Dr Gum has many ways to delve deeply into a mystery…” – Bernie

“You still practice, how does the creative process come about, do you have paper and pen at hand?” – David

“Yes, for 10 months of practice as I peruse countless journals it may be a line I read, it may be something a patient says….a gut reaction… then pursue the info and sources sometimes from around the globe, NTI Nuclear Threat Initiatives in Washington for eg. straight from the horse’s mouth then let the creative juices simmer, the title, sequence, the data, sleep on it…… then set aside 2 months and let the story take me where it will….” – Bernie

“So you’ve delved into many other areas….?” – David

“Yes, aerospace, parallel universes, proton beam therapy, holograms, an endless array…..with Dr Gum always woven into the story somehow, I have many prequels and sequels conceived from unanswered questions……the science fiction may become science fact in a few months or years.” – Bernie


“You’re quite the prolific dentist. You’ve written 26 novels…” – Scott

“Yes, 26 and counting..I stumbled across a 4 min video of the prolific physician Robin Cook a long time ago about how he began to write in about 6 weeks each summer…I said by God I can do that!” – Bernie

“With the turn around of the Obama administration what do you think the future of stem cell research is?…” – Scott

“Still very promising. All it takes is for one celebrity or politician to be plagued with a debilitating disease such as Parkinsonism…..the publicity would prompt a complete about face to push ongoing stem cell therapy…..and ultimately find a cure….” – Bernie

“So this evil clinic Stemtronics is here in the US?” – Scott

“No in Singapore ..along with five or so other countries…Korea, China…. who do not adhere to the US and 50 other country’s FDA regulations, I would caution anyone going there for therapy…from the research papers obtained I wonder if some of the techniques are a hoax or if they’re already actually cloning even people….just because we may have the technology….it doesn’t give us the moral or ethical right to do so.” – Bernie

GAINESVILLE, FL                    WOCA-AM   1370 AM   LARRY WHITLER & ROBIN     7:35-7:45 AM EST    NOV.17th.

“You brought up an interesting point about how they examined the pregnant woman…” – Robin

“The tiny nanobots like a school of fish could explore the woman’s birth canal  replacing endoscopes….then build an image like an MRI…” – Bernie

“So there is this fear that the women and their umbilical cord blood may become organ donors…?” – Larry

“Yes, the illicit trade of organs or women becoming breeder reactors…..” – Bernie

“How did you come up with the title of the book?” – Larry

“Stemwinder is the name of the winding mechanism on the old watches….in endodontics there is a technique before lasers called ‘the crown down technique’ where you use a winding watch motion…..part of the creative process in growing a story….” – Bernie

“Your fiction is actually based on a lot of science research?” -Larry

“Yes, an extensive period of inquiry and bibliography is at the end of each book, you can take the story or leave it but it does raise awareness, opens the minds of the reader to possibilities….as in my book ‘Alligator Alley’ about the recent discovery of something in alligator blood to prevent disease…..” – Bernie

MINNEAPOLIS, MN                       KBEM-FM       #1 JAZZ               ED JONES             10:15-10:25 AM EST   OCT. 27th

“What would you say about your prolific writing?” – Ed

“An intense labor of love in about 6 weeks, usually each summer, very focussed, concentrated effort….” – Bernie

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO           KCMN AM      1530 AM         TRON SIMPSON     11:40-11:45 AM EST    OCT. 27th

“Stemwinder….. one scary, spooky story!” – Tron

QUINCY, IL                                       WQUB             90.3 FM               JIM LENZ            12:00-12:10 PM EST    OCT. 27th

“Your background? D.D.S.?… doctor of dental science?” -Jim

“Yes, doctor of dental science and surgery, I had an affinity for medical terms… surgery, otherwise I might have become a minister, D.D.V., doctor of divinity, but I could never remember who begat who….” – Bernie

“Cloning raises several ethical issues….”  – Jim

“Yes…how far would you go to bring back a loved one?…’for man is appointed only once to die..’ Hebrews 9:27 KJV.”  – Bernie

OMAHA, NE                                  KMA-AM        NEWS TALK      CHUCK and DON      9:45-9:55 AM EST    NOV. 7th

“Stem cells from the root canal, very exciting….” – Chuck

“The most exciting discovery in dentistry in ages…..” – Bernie

“You’re the detective Dr Gum, the main character in all your books….like the gumshoe detective?….pretty creative……..” – Chuck

“Yes perhaps my alter ego? a nickname I acquired during my lengthy medical-dental education….from an inexpensive ‘Gumtex’ surgical model I developed to train dentists doctors, profs around the globe…..” – Bernie

“Any more books planned?” – Chuck

“Yes, prequels, sequels, in this quirky universe I’ve created…..Dr Gum hasn’t died yet. He may live on forever?” – Bernie

ALBANY, NY                                 WVTK-AM        1570 AM          BOB CUDMORE        6:10-6:20 AM EST    NOV.10th

“Stem cells to build new teeth?” – Bob

“Yes, new teeth, gum tissue and eventually entire organs because of the totipotency of the stem cells. A tremendous potential benefit in all branches of medicine.” – Bernie

“A dentist who also writes?” – Bob

“Yes, inspired by Michael Crichton, God rest his soul, with his science gone awry stories and perhaps dentist turning novelist like Zane Grey who went on to pen about 90 books mostly westerns, was also a dentist. God willing maybe I’ll pen that many?” – Bernie

SUNLAND/ L.A., CA          CRN (CABLE RADIO NETWORKS)   JACK ROBERTS       8:40-8:55 AM EST      NOV.10th

“Being a Catholic faith I found the Nazi medical experiments on humans unbelievable and unacceptable…” – Jack

“Yes, being a God fearing Christian myself, I found the atrocities highly unethical …” – Bernie

“But for debilitating diseases it sounds promising?” – Jack

“Yes, everyone has stem cells which can be grown to replace missing teeth, a lost kidney for example and ultimately address debilitating diseases such as Alzheimers, Parkinsons..” – Bernie

“Stem cells in the root canal, a recent discovery?” – Jack

“Yes, a very recent discovery, some of the research included information from the think tanks in Palo Alto, USC, UCLA, CalTech in LA, some of the newer nanomedical texts just being written and even papers from clandestine clinics around the globe….” – Bernie

KANSAS CITY, KS                          KAIR-AM       1470 AM         RACHEL LEHCAR    10:30-10:40 AM EST   NOV.10th.

“Stem cells from the root canal?” – Rachel

“They’re found ubiquitously in everyone….” – Bernie

“So these are science fiction stories based on fact?” – Rachel

“Yes, recent leading edge medical advances and so on spun into a shocking story……let the characters drive the action, I never know where it will go?” – Bernie

“So where do you go to write these stories?” – Rachel

“I usually cocoon myself for about 6 weeks each summer…… ” (hopefully a warm weather retreat in Pismo Beach in the future, like a couple ‘Weekend at Bernies’) – Bernie

LAS VEGAS, NV (State wide)    KWNA-AM   1400 AM    RODD WILLIAM STOWELL  11:10-11:30 AM EST  NOV.10th

“So Dr Gum sleuths out this evil dentist?” – Rodd

“Yes, this evil endodontist Dr Shine who takes the technology to a whole new level ultimately finding it’s way into a sinister clinic….” – Bernie

“Dentists are perceived as frightening, pain inflicting…like in the Marathon Man, or the woman who is so fearful she’d rather give birth….the dentist replies by telling her to make up her mind now before he adjusts the angle of the chair! …Does this cause any psychological trauma?” – Rodd

“Not really, dentistry demands focus, attention to detail, your patients walk away happy, alive… whereas following some heart or neuro surgeries or kidney dialysis they may be confined or hooked to a medical device ….” -Bernie

“So is this the future of dentistry, what about another book, a sequel?” -Rodd

“Yes, we’re approaching the evidence based medical model, saliva, genetic testing, stem cell therapy, lasers, painfree technology, complete spa treatment……or as part of a hospital or general group practice with a GP, ObGyn,….perhaps spin off a medical dental TV series like ER?” – Bernie

MILWAUKEE, WI               WBEV-AM     ‘THE IDEA EXCHANGE’    JIM STOWELL   11:06-11:18 AM EST   NOV.18th

“So how do you write, in about 6 weeks each summer?” – Jim

“I get up about 7:30 write til noon, a short break, then write into the afternoon, take a break for tennis, then write into the evening. It’s like being on a film set. It’s full time. Action, actor driven, never know where it will go, how it will end….” – Bernie

“Any offers from Hollywood to write a screenplay?” – Jim

“Exploring several possibilities, ‘Terra Vista’ starring Sir Richard Branson, ‘God Almighty’ featuring Oprah as God!, In ‘Rook’ Dr Gum and Bugs Bunny team up to solve a murder mystery style dinner theater….Was planning to set up a meeting through Planned TV Arts with Michael Crichton, such an untimely tragic loss, to discuss a spin off of ‘Stemwinder’ and ER, perhaps a medical dental drama series?” -Bernie

“Such an imagination from a dentist, what do your patients think?’ – Jim

“Surprised, shocked….Zane Grey was also one of the only other dentists to write at the turn of the century. Wrote 90 books, mostly westerns, probably inspired some of the Clint Eastwood films…..” – Bernie


“So what is a gumshoe? I knew the shoe business, you know your gums….” – Paul

“Gumshoe, I think it’s an old Hollywood term describing the detective like Dick Tracy or Sherlock Holmes, Dr Gum is this dental detectve…” – Bernie

“So you’ll bring a pad and paper to a Yankees game and write something between innings?” – Paul

“Sure, between pitches….usually something inspires me, something I read or what someone said…” – Bernie

“You’ve written 26 books, what does your family, friends or colleagues think about it?” – Paul

“They didn’t believe me at first…..called me delusional etc. shocked in fact, but there they are…like everything else I said I did…..” – Bernie

“Any movies offers yet….who do you see as the characters?” – Paul

“A few proposals submitted, you never know?…..Dr Gum…let’s see, perhaps Ben Afleck, Dustin Hoffman or Richard Gere…there’s definitely a chemistry between the actors and actresses in the books….” – Bernie

“So you say your characters wake you up, your wife must find you fun to sleep with….” – Paul

“No wife, significant other yet, I’m still single. I don’t think she’d want to be with me for the six weeks while I eat, sleep, dream and breathe the book…”  – Bernie

NEW YORK, NY            WTBQ- AM  NEWSTALK    The  FRANK TRUATT Morning Show   7:15-7:25   AM EST    NOV.26th

“So tell us about the book Stemwinder” – Rob

“With the recent discovery of stem cells in the root canal, Dr Gum explores the possibilites both good and bad, science gone awry, in the vein of Robin Cook and Michael Crichton….Dr Shine at NYU has pioneered the ‘Stemwinder’ technique…..Dr Gum is asked to join the team….” – Bernie

“Stem cells from where?” – Rob

“Stem cells, totipotent cells from the root canal, able to harvest and differentiate into various cells, tissues and ultimately organs….how far would you go to bring back a loved one?….rather than steal military secrets? simply clone parts of one’s memory…. ” – Bernie

“This Dr Gum is in all the books?” – Rob

“Yes, the protagonist, a nickname I acquired from my medical dental studies with my patent, the ‘Gumtex’ surgical training models….in a lecture one day someone said ‘hey it’s Dr Gum’….a stupid name perhaps but the name stuck….” – Bernie

“Tell me more about Dr Gum…” – Rob

“Dr Gum is a bit like Indiana Jones, James Bond or like Dr Ryan from the Clancy series…..Dr Gum delves deeply into each contentious issue that arises each year …inspired by something I read or heard….” – Bernie

fantastic-voyage-iii-10-pt-cover-_result  Fantastic_Voyage_III_2_.jpg

FANTASTIC VOYAGE III” C 2010 sci fi thriller 300 pg paperback, screenplay 039

After the US president suffers a heart attack befor  the National’s season opener, he’s rushed to the CMDF headquarters to implant cardiac stem cells via a delicate one hour operation. A terror threat in DC necessitates his immediate reponse. A super hero comes to the rescue in the nick of time. An amalgamation of Dave, Fantastic Voyage and Sum of All Fears.

paperbacl + ebook

The screenplay adaptation piqued the interest of an actress and the Maquet Heart Lung Machine manufacturers in New Jersey who offered their surgical suites as film sets. A film is still pending.

cravings-10-pt-cover_result   Cravings_2.jpg

‘CRAVINGS c2010 302 pgs sci-fi horror, 98pgs  screenplay 038
Pathologists at the University of Padua stumble across a strange case of clinical vampirism. Scalped back stage passes lead to a steamy tryst. A medical resident rapidly deteriorates after he is bitten by a sexy singer at her private after concert party. Is his only hope an emergency transfusion from a highly contentious source of cloned blood? Pathology meets Red Blooded American Girl meets The Passion of the Christ meets I Am Legend.

paperback + ebook

the-x-files-the-grey-zone-10-pt-cover_result  The_X_Files_The_Grey_Zone_2.jpg

The X FILES: The GREY ZONE c2010 sci fi thriller 300 pgs pb, 95 pgs screenplay 046

A honeymooning couple mistakenly take a wrong turn and get on the ‘magic bus’ bound for Area 51. There they make a shocking discovery during the International Red Bull air races. The US air base is not run by USAF authorities at all! Taken meets X Files meets Independence Day.

paperbacl + ebook

east-of-aden-10-pt-cover_result  East_of_Aden_2.jpg

‘EAST OF ADEN c2010 action thriller 296 pgs pb, 96 pgs screenplay 044

Terrorists infiltrate Pakistan’s nuclear stockpile in a highly orchestrated game of coercion and false confessions. The mad men plan to strike fast and furious then slip out of Karachi unannounced provoking a nuclear war. A comedy of errors end in an ironic twist for the terrorists as Task Force 151 tightens the noose off the Horn of Africa. Trues Lies meets Charlie Wilson’s War.

paperback + ebook

the-scrying-10-pt-cover_result   The_Scrying_2.jpg

‘THE SCRYING’ aka “FAULTLINE” c2008 sci fi drama 328 pgs pb, 95 pgs screenplay 026

Dr Gum discovers one of the last crystal skulls in Costa Rica near the end of 2012. The ‘crystal ball’ depicts a vivid vision, a past disaster or possibly a frightening future fiasco flying back to San Jose. An earthquake swarm is unleashed following the prophetic vision. 2012 meets San Andreas meets Earthquake.

paperback + ebook

alligator-alley-10-pt-cover_result  Alligator_Alley_2_.jpg

ALLIGATOR ALLEY c2008 action drama 314 pgs paperback., 97 pgs screenplay 025

A banished scientist’s work with alligator blood to regenerate limbs and repair birth defects is nearing human clinical trials. A former flame from college, an aspiring actress, drops by for her usual botox fix. She inadvertently injects the wrong syringe marked AB – Alligator Blood, instead of BA – Botox A, prior to a dinner date with Dr Gum. A series of unexplained alligator attacks occur. Are the events related? Species meets Splice meet Replligator.

Paperback + ebook

god-almighty-10-pt-cover_result  God Almighty 2

GOD ALMIGHTY c2008 317 pgs comedy drama,96 pgs screenplay 024

Dr Gum has mighty big shoes to fill after he finds himself magically transported to a one room school house in Africa. There he has to fill in for the Almighty who has taken a leave of absence. Oh God You Devil meets Bruce Almighty meets Out of Africa

paperback + ebook

glazers-10-pt-cover_result   Glazers_2_.jpg

‘GLAZERS aka “METEORITE” c2010 303 pgs science fiction thriller, 99 pgs  screenplay 023

Following a meteorite strike in a world biosphere reserve (Cienego Quattro) in Mexico, containing stromatolites, rare billion year old bacteria, the origin of which has eluded NASA scientists, triggers a global pandemic. World health authorities race round the clock in a futile effort to halt the insidious advance of the bizarre “alien flu”. Alien Flu meets Andromeda Strain.

paperback + ebook

confusion-10-pt-cover_result  Confusion_2.jpg

‘CONFUSIONc2007 comedy drama thriller, 96 pgs screenplay 022

Drs Strait and Gum are in hot pursuit of a sophisticated Soprano style mafioso mastermind along the French Riviera in order to prevent him from expanding his ‘nuclear waste management’ business in the worst case of mistaken identity ever?! The culprit leads them to the fusion reactor in Cadarache in the south of France. The Sopranos meet The Pink Panther.

paperback + ebook

pulpit-fiction-10-pt-cover_result  Pulpit_Fiction_2.jpg

PULPIT FICTION c2007 apocalyptic thriller 322 pgs pb, 97 pgs screenplay 021

Medicolegal colleagues are praised for ‘resurrecting’ a charismatic leader following his ‘fatal’ accident. He and a false prophet rise to power to deliver the prophetic  ultimate deception of mankind. End of Days meets Revelation. The Devil meets God.

paperback + ebookstore

meltdown-10-pt-cover_result  Meltdown_2_.jpg

MELTDOWN c2007 sci-fi thriller 336 pgs pb, 102 pgs screenplay 020

Eco terrorists hijack a specially modified icebreaker, a Floating Nuclear Power Plant, a promising new form of cheap electricity, after it leaves port in Archangel on it’s maiden voyage and good will mission. Under Siege meets Chernobyl meets China Syndrome meets The Exxon Valdez Disaster.

paperback + ebook

pulling-strings-10-pt-cover_result  Pulling_Strings_2_.jpg

PULLING STRINGS c2007 sci-fi medical thriller 319 pgs pb, 96 pgs screenplay 019

A power surge in a PBT (Proton Beam Therapy) facility sends Dr Gum’s patient, his aunt, into any one of a number of parallel universes. How can he possibly bring her back alive? String Theory meets Big Bang Theory meets Flatliners.

paperback + ebook

ubar-10-pt-cover_result  Ubar_2.jpg

‘UBAR c2005, future sci-fi thriller 302 pgs pb, 98 pgs screenplay 017

Dr Gum travels to a futuristic theme park in Ubar and discovers a deadly glitch in the computer code that intiates it’s own interpretation of the texts upon which the park is based. Westworld meets Futureworld meets Arabian Nights World.

paperback + ebook

dentinator-10-pt-cover_result  Dentinator_2.jpg

‘DENTINATOR c2004 sci-fi action thriller 374 pgs pb, 98 pgs screenplay 016

‘Dentinators’, medical dental robotic simulators, replacing humans in many sectors of society to alleviate fatigue, food expenses and save human lives are stolen by insurgents posing as dental students prior to an upcoming scientific conference in Las Vegas who then plan their own deadly presentation. The Terminator meets The Peacemaker.

paperback + ebook

project-mccaper-book-cover_result  sabotage-2

SABOTAGEaka “PROJECT McCAPER” 2003, suspense thriller 332 pgs pb, 96 pgs screenplay 015  Dr Gum’s clinic is mysteriously trashed after the arrival of a prospective business partner taking an experimental medication to wean alcoholics from their addictive habits. An unexpected side effect of the drug is complete amnesia. Physicians buy into the bogus pharmaceutical firm’s claims. Is the CIA up to their old tricks again? Extreme Measures meets Conspiracy Theory meets Enemy of the State.

paperback + ebook

submarine-slide-10-pt-cover_result  Submarine_Slide_2_.jpg

SUBMARINE SLIDE c2002 sci-fi thriller 324 pgs pb, 96 pgs screenplay 014

Foremost on the minds of the USGS, the possibility of a ‘submarine slide’ in the Puerto Rico Trench occurring within the next 50 years. A calamity of errors prior to a nuclear summit in Mexico City precipitates a catastrophic tsunami throughout the Caribbean.  Hunt for Red October meets Glomar Express meets USGS predictions.

paperback + ebook

reflections-cover_result  reflections-2

REFLECTIONS c2001 apocalyptic thriller 336 pgs pb, 96 pgsscreenplay 013

The fatal fall of an NYU prof from the Freedom Tower into the Reflection Pool leads a group of medicolegal colleagues to discover the identity and true intentions of a cloned leader, the embodiment of all evil in Rome. His rapid rise to political power must be stopped. They need to prevent his upcoming address at the UN in NYC but how? 6th Day meets The Omen meets End of Days.

paperback + ebook

new-millenium-10-pt-cover_result  New_Millenium_2_.jpg

‘NEW MILLENIUM c2000 thriller 332 pgs pb,103 pgs  screenplay 012

During dinner with his publisher, Dr Gum accidently spills lemon tea on a galley proof first edition and discovers a strange encrypted terrorist message embedded in the typo while flying back to her HK offices. National Treasure meets Bond.

paperback + ebook

the-board-10-pt-cover_result  The_Board_2_.jpg

THE BOARD c1998 drama, comedy 335 pgs pb, 98 pgs  screenplay 010

Drugged and disoriented Dr Gum falls off the Michigan Avenue bridge after writing a board exam in Chicago. A janitor at the Navy Pier fishes him out, takes him in and suggests the advertising savant apply at a local firm where he rises to the top. A trail of clues during his amnesic episode uncover the true intentions of the Board. What goes around eventually comes around. Big meets The Firm meets The Ladykillers.

paperback + ebook

enlightened-10-pt-cover_result  Enlightened_2.jpg

ENLIGHTENED‘ c1997 drama, 339 pgs sci-fi thriller, 95 pgs  screenplay 009

Dr Gum’s NDE (Near Death Experience) during a dental procedure is an eye opener. A ‘divine gatekeeper’ shows him a future filled with possibilities. He also discovers all the lives he has touched. Thousands of cases have been documented. Millions have reported them. Death Takes a Holiday meets Flatliners.

paperback + ebook

big-b-10-pt-cover_result  big-b-2

BIG B c1996 324 pgs action thriller , 96 pgs screenplay 008

Dr Gum’s round the globe trotting adventure in a specially outfitted V 22  is marked by an untimely detour and incredible discovery in Jerusalem while trying to break a world record. Inspired by Ron Bowers Bell Helicopter round the world solo helicopter flight….Charles Lindbergh, Amelia Earhart, NASA Space program etc

paperback + ebook

hooked-10-pt-cover_result   Hooked 2

‘HOOKED c1995 338 pgs comedy drama, 99 pgs  screenplay 007

Three life lines are intertwined when Drs Gum and Arthur give Cali, an aspiring actress from the school of hard knocks, a second chance asthey chase her to Land’s End in this convoluted Baja California action adventure. Arthur meets Hotel California meets Once Upon a Time in Mexico.

paperback + ebook

rook-10-pt-cover_result  Rook_2.jpg

ROOK c1994, comedy, drama, semi-animated 337 pgs pb, 98 pgs screenplay 006

While on vacation, facing a mid life crisis, Dr Gum unearths Bugs Bunny while digging for clams in Pismo Beach. Bugs invites Dr Gum to a gala dinner at the Hearst Castle up the road. A cartoon character is found dead in the Neptune pool. Can the dynamic duo solve the murder mystery? Dr Gum meets the Looney Tune characters meets Hollywood Legends.

paperback + ebook

questa-10-pt-cover_result   Questa_2.jpg

QUESTA c1993 sci-fi thriller, mystery 288 pgs pb,95 pgs screenplay 005
Dr Gum has 72 hours to retrieve vital laser technology lost during a deadly plane crash in a remote region of the Amazon jungle before the military grazes the area. The survivors stumble across a research vessel. Will they assist and comply with the deadly ultimatum? Medicine Man meets Lost.

paperback + ebook

golden-mask-10-pt-cover_result  Golden Mask 2

GOLDEN MASK c1992 370 pgs mystery, thriller, 95 pgs screenplay 004

Drs Cassandra Evans discovers a priceless artifact in the Museum of Antiquities in Athens is a forgery. She teams up with Dr Gum on a wild goose chase through Greece to try to find the real Mask. They discover a sinister black market of pricey art works exchanged for ‘clinical services’ aboard a mysterious yacht roaming the Mediterranean. Cassandra  meets Indiana Jones.

paperback + ebook


‘NOT A DROP c1991 medical sci-fi thriller 339 pgs pb, 95 pgs screenplay 003

Millions of tourists flock to the opening of the world’s poshest resort. An untimely accident causes a potential global pandemic and widespread panic. The mass exodus has authorities on high alert intent on shooting down any planes trying to return home. Can a vaccine be found in time? Disneyworld meets Outbreak.

paperback + ebook

deadly-implant-10-pt-cover_result  Deadly_Implant_2.jpg

‘DEADLY IMPLANT c1990 277 pgs sci-fi suspense, 95 pgs screenplay 002
After Dr Gum learns of a deadly accident aboard the ISS from one of his dental implant patients, he becomes deeply involved and highly implicated as the prime suspect in a series of bizarre fatal accidents. Is the last in a series of tragedies a miracle in disguise? The Fugitive meets Novocaine.

paperback + ebook

terra-vista-10-pt-cover_result  Terra Vista 2

‘TERRA VISTA c1989, science fiction, thriller 325 pgs pb, 100 pgs screenplay 001

The space plane spins on an out of earth orbit after flying through the aurora borealis on it’s maiden flight. Running on empty, the only hope, a long shot, aim for the Space Station. Snatched up by the Canada Space arms and reeled aboard, the heart stopping ordeal proves too much for one of the passengers. Space Cowboys meets Gravity meets Awake

paperback + ebook

Jim Irwin – American Astronaut, lecture 1986 (the 1st astronaut that walked on the moon to die of a heart attack in 1991) ; Dr Bernie Unrau’s Aerospace Medical Association paper: “Dental Surgery in zero gravity using a modified microgravity surgical chamber…” San Francisco; Gene Roddenberry’s lecture and meeting at the U of C in Calgary to discuss a “space western”; and Dr Georgi Grecko – Russian cosmonaut, designer of MIR, lecture at the Planetarium and Science Center, Calgary were inciting events and inspirational components in creating the concept to “TERRA VISTA“. It was entered in the Ted Turner Tomorrow Award contest in 1989.

Terra Vista entry Turner Tomorrow Award   irwin.jpg   Dr Goergi Grecko  white hat