Inspiring MP4 video trailers (3-5 min.) of 37 technothrillers & 102 screenplays adaptations created with Avid Media Composer, Adobe After Effects, Filmora 9 & limited Cinema 4D pitched to film studios and producers.

   During a Planned TV Arts (#1 publicists, NYC, 50 years of experience) 20 city America wide “Stemwinder” book tour in 2009, a radio host, Paul Sladkus, founder of Good News Broadcast and TV producer of 150 CBS & PBS shows suggested Bernie adapt his books to screenplays. The author said “here we go again.” Inspired by visionary writers such as Sir Conan Doyle, Zane Grey, Michael Crichton, Robin Cook, …….. visionary producers and directors: Steven Spielberg, James Cameron, Ridley Scott, Terry Rossio, Jerry Bruckheimer, JJ Abrams….

           Copyright Cert LOC ’09 pgs 1-4    

Five years later the prolific wordsmith had created 81 scintillating screenplays, now 102 and counting, 35 adapted from his thrillers  penned each summer, 25,000 original scenes, 10 + million words pitched to film studios, producers, entered in contests. “The ROM” (the next Jurassic Park ?) voted # 1 in the 2010 BOSI Utube video pitch contest, > 20,000 Utube views, more than 2 million people wanted to see it in 3D.  Bernie consulted with paleontologists from around the planet, animatronics experts, researched more than half a dozen concepts (“The ROM”, “Terror Island”, “Bury Me Under The Volcano”, “Alligator Alley”, ‘Viciousaurus’, ‘Ngala Prehistoric Park’ aka ‘Lion Island’, ‘Dead Hand’ , extinction level event in ‘The Fifth Pillar’ and sequel to National Treasure: ‘In Gold We Trust’). A $100 million dollar dinosaur thriller was planned. Universal Studio lawyers said ‘great writing’ but couldn’t explain 127+ copyright infringements discovered in Jurassic World et al. Unrau v Amblin et al. The Amazing Spiderman, The Blacklist, Billions, Westworld series episodes etc…. His computer hacked, 30 yrs of IP, files stolen claimed as their own by Amazon Studio writers et al. FBI cybercrime filed Jan ’18. 10,000,000 words, 25,000 scenes defended in LA District Court. Entertainment lawyers said his time was worth $5 million…

  Terror Island 1 a Viciousaurus sequel to The ROM 2015 elements of The ROM in JW copyright infringements BMUTV - Copy       The_ROM_the_movie_1.jpg        Flying under Hollywood’s radar, his high concept screenplays have challenged the status quo like Trumbo. Boldly venturing into several genres – horror, sci fi, action adventure, thriller….. Bernie has explored countless compelling concepts, discarding thousands. Going where no one dared, always up for a challenge, even addressing hiatuses by crafting compelling sequels to highly acclaimed franchises; “In Gold We Trust” (National Treasure 3?), “Fantastic Voyage 3” (sequel), “Nightwalker” (Sherlock Holmes 3? or Legally Blonde 3 : Across the Pond?), “Not Yet”, “Catch Me When You Can” (Sherlock Holmes 3?), “Rising” (The Shining, Paranormal Activity sequel), “Curse of the 7 Pagodas”, (Jeepers Creepers type horror), “Deep Fright” series (Godzilla meets Leviathan), “Lacryma Christi” or “Not A Drop” (Outbreak type sequels), “Meteorite” (Andromeda Strain type sequel), “Dentinator” (Terminator type sequel), “East of Aden” (True Lies type sequel), “Alligator Alley” (copyright infringements in Jurassic World and The Amazing Spiderman), “The Privateers” (Pirates… type sequel),…. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Several scripts and book adaptations are in discussion as feature films. 



Finger of God c2020  (Twister reboot)  trailer 4:31   90+ pg sci fi thriller  July 9, 2020     #1 Top 50 inspiring trailers

A stormchasing couple on the brink of divorce must combat an F5 (Finger of God) storm cell that touches down ‘deep in the heart of Texas’ destroying everything in its revelation wrath path.     


WESTWORLD IV (spec episode ‘Nacre’ c2020) May 19 2020       Top 50 inspiring trailers 

Delos’ insatiable quest for power leads to salt a pillar of future nuclear power and devastating apocalyptic consequences, merely another narrative in the never ending merry go round of Dr Ford’s farsighted mind?

                             SCREENPLAYS  AND  ADAPTATIONS FROM BOOKS

‘A and O’ (ALPHA + OMEGA – ‘Lucy’ sequel) c2019  90 pgs sci fi. screenplay 089    Top 50 inspiring trailers
The fate of mankind rests in a prescription to find an inhabitable exoplanet embedded on a 2 ZB DNA flashdrive containing all known knowledge, about a teaspoon, the only remnant left behind after a fatal drug overdose in which the victim harnessed 100% of her mind.

ALIEN VENGEANCE” c2013 108 pgs. science fiction action thriller screenplay 075

To stave off elimination following an alien crash landing in Chesapeake Bay and raid on US Naval Forces in Newport News and in turn attack on the US capitol, a nerdy computer hacker is embedded amongst a Special Task Force of Navy Seals to take back the White House and extract the VP and the President’s abducted daughter, Eve. Battleship meets White House Down meets Live Free or Die Hard.

AV2_a.jpg   upe67.jpg

ALIEN VENGEANCE : RAISING CAIN” c2013 90 pgs. science fiction action thriller screenplay 076 After a Femforce of superheroines are wrongfully accused of a fiasco they must face off against a formidable foe, the cunning, calculating General of the USAF, ironically the full grown offspring of the president’s daughter years after her alien abduction. He’s the root and embodiment of all evil,  in the form of a fallen extra terrestrial angel. Amalgamation of DC superheroines, villains and their arch nemeses.


ALLIGATOR ALLEYc2008 action drama 314 pgs paperback., 97 pgs screenplay 025

A banished scientist’s work with alligator blood to regenerate limbs and repair birth defects is nearing human clinical trials. A former flame from college, an aspiring actress, drops by for her usual botox fix. She inadvertently injects the wrong syringe marked AB – Alligator Blood, instead of BA – Botox A, prior to a dinner date with Dr Gum. A series of unexplained alligator attacks occur. Are the events related? Species meets Splice meet Replligator.

APES & ALIENS” c2011 sci fi dramedy 90 pgs screenplay 063
Dr Gum makes a startling scientific discovery in the jungles of Borneo. An extremely intelligent orangutan hybrid captured and serving as the Sultan of Brunei’s pet, exceeds everyone’s expectations as he excels at all tasks  whilst preparing to reunite with his predecessors that may not be of earthly origin. Congo meets Predator vs Alien meets The Arrival.

BAD TO THE BONE” c2013 horror, comedy inspired by ‘true events’ 90 pgs screenplay 081

After losing his license to practice dentistry due to drug related offenses rising from uncontrollable back pain, the former prominent, now disgraced dentist on the brink of bankruptcy brainstorms then embarks on a grizzly modern day grave robbing, bone snatching spree. Little Shop of Horrors meets The Fugitive meets Bordello of Blood.

Big B 1Big_B_2_.jpg

BIG Bc1996 324 pgs action thriller , 96 pgs screenplay 008

Dr Gum’s round the globe trotting adventure in a specially outfitted V 22  is marked by an untimely detour and incredible discovery in Jerusalem while trying to break a world record. Inspired by Ron Bowers Bell Helicopter round the world solo helicopter flight….Charles Lindbergh, Amelia Earhart, NASA Space program etc


BLOODY MARY” c 2012 90 pgs surreal psychological thriller screenplay 067

A sinister presence that inspired the origins of an urban legend is discovered aboard a brigantine ghost ship, The Mary Celeste, mysteriously abandoned 150 years ago. The Ghost Ship meets Bloody Mary (the urban legend).


BOND JANE BOND” c2013 (pilot?) 90 pgs action adventure screenplay 071

After freeing her father, Dr Gum, detained as a political prisoner in Havana, the implant dentist’s daughter discovers the deep dark secret he’s been hiding from her all these years, her true identity and ultimate purpose? Lara Croft meets Bond.

BMUTV - CopyBUV - Copy

BURY ME UNDER THE VOLCANO” c2012 90 pgs sci fi thriller screenplay 069

Desperately seeking a cure for his end stage  lung cancer, Dr Gum makes a miraculous recovery and breakthrough following an unbelievable journey into the heart of a volcano that sends the expedition several million years back in time into a lost prehistoric world. The Core meets Jurassic Park meets Lost World.


CATCH 22” c2013 90 pgs action adventure screenplay 073

Intent on spending the rest of their natural lives in obscurity and anonymity in Nuoro Province, a ‘Blue Zone’ in Sardinia, out of the blue Dr Gum’s wife is kidnapped after accepting an invitation aboard a billionaire’s yacht. Sleeping Beauty meets the Brother’s Grimm Fairy Tale: The Glass Coffin meets Deep Blue Sea.


CATCH ME WHEN YOU CAN” c 2011 horror thriller 90 pgs screenplay  066

Dr Gum discovers a cold blooded killer repeating Jack the Ripper’s gruesome murders while making his rounds at the Royal London Hospital may be a fellow colleague. Pathology meets Sherlock Holmes vs Jack the Ripper meets From Hell.

China Town Tequila” c2022 90 pg scintillating thriller     099

The six billion dollar man finds himself in the crosshairs in a brutal battle between violent rival CJNG and Sinaloa cartels ever expanding their transnational crime enterprises.

Chokepoint_1_.jpg  Chokepoint_2_.jpg

CHOKEPOINT‘ c2009 action, adventure 95 pgs screenplay 027

Pirates place a stranglehold on the world’s most strategic ‘chokepoint’ after the IN Leviathan responds to a sailing yacht’s distress signal off the Isle of Socotra, Horn of Africa. Hunt for Red October meets True Lies.

Confusion_1__.jpg Confusion_2.jpg

‘CONFUSIONc2007 comedy drama thriller, 96 pgs screenplay 022

Drs Strait and Gum are in hot pursuit of a sophisticated Soprano style mafioso mastermind along the French Riviera in order to prevent him from expanding his ‘nuclear waste management’ business in the worst case of mistaken identity ever?! The culprit leads them to the fusion reactor in Cadarache in the south of France. The Sopranos meet The Pink Panther.


‘CRAVINGS c2010 302 pgs sci-fi horror, 98pgs  screenplay 038
Pathologists at the University of Padua stumble across a strange case of clinical vampirism. Scalped back stage passes lead to a steamy tryst. A medical resident rapidly deteriorates after he is bitten by a sexy singer at her private after concert party. Is his only hope an emergency transfusion from a highly contentious source of cloned blood? Pathology meets Red Blooded American Girl meets The Passion of the Christ meets I Am Legend.


‘CURSE OF THE 7 PAGODAS’ c2009 thriller, 96 pgs horror screenplay 036

Several members of an archaeological team are dragged away by a menacing man eating creature after they discover an old text in the Tiger Cave in Mamalapuram that possibly holds the key to an ancient Pallava Prophecy. The Ghost and the Darkness meets Indiana Jones meets Jeepers Creepers.

Dead Hand 1 a Mt Yamantau - Evildead-hand-1-d

DEAD HAND” c 2016  90 pg action screenplay 085, 145 pg book 035

After the American and Russian leaders of the world batten down the hatches in a deadly simulated war game prior to their first official state dinner, they discover a computer glitch, a Trojan Horse, has infiltrated a Deep Underground Missile Base (DUMB) deep within the heart of Russia. Running out of time and options. ‘Operation Zero Hour’ – Navy Seal Team Six and a Special Ops Team of genetically engineered hybrids have 24 hours to reach their goal inside the impenetrable nuclear facility, a monstrous maze the size of Moscow or Washington DC inside the beltway. They may be the only hope of saving mankind from the brink of extinction. An amalgamation of War Games, Sum of All Fears, Jurassic World, Zero Days and Westworld.


‘DEADLY IMPLANTc1990 277 pgs sci-fi suspense, 95 pgs screenplay 002
After Dr Gum learns of a deadly accident aboard the ISS from one of his dental implant patients, he becomes deeply involved and highly implicated as the prime suspect in a series of bizarre fatal accidents. Is the last in a series of tragedies a miracle in disguise? The Fugitive meets Novocaine.


DEATH VALLEY RIDERS” (SALT III HOTSHOT) c2011 dramedy 90 pgs screenplay 062

Orlov’s offspring use the Red Flag Exercises as a springboard to launch their covert operation. Salt and her wing man must uncover their objective before it’s too late! Easy Rider meets Broken Arrow meets Sum of All Fears.


‘DEEP FRIGHT’ c2009 horror thriller96 pgs screenplay, 031

A menacing mutant sea monster is discovered lurking about the resorts of the American and British Virgin Islands years after the closure of the US military bombing range on the Island of Vieques where rampant dumping of radioactive waste and discarded ammunition occurred off its shores. Godzilla meets Cloverfield meets Leviathan

‘DEEP FRIGHT: DEEP FREEZE’ c2010 sci fi horror,90 pgs screenplay 047

An obsessed Ahab like admirer chases a gargantuan sea creature to the ends of the earth. In Antarctica, a few researchers and explorers on the frozen fringe face their worst nightmare. Cloverfield meets the Rainbow Warrior meets the fateful Robert Scott Terra Nova Expedition 100 years ago.


‘DEEP FRIGHT: DOWN UNDER’ c 2009 horror creature 96 pgs screenplay 035

Following the mysterious disappearance of renown divers off the Rainbow Warrior wreck, and several sightings off it’s shores, New Zealand naval forces are in hot pursuit of a menacing sea monster. Skull Island meets Leviathan meets Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea


‘DENTINATOR c2004 sci-fi action thriller 374 pgs pb, 98 pgs screenplay 016

‘Dentinators’, medical dental robotic simulators, replacing humans in many sectors of society to alleviate fatigue, food expenses and save human lives are stolen by insurgents posing as dental students prior to an upcoming scientific conference in Las Vegas who then plan their own deadly presentation. The Terminator meets The Peacemaker.


‘EAST OF ADEN c2010 action thriller 296 pgs pb, 96 pgs screenplay 044

Terrorists infiltrate Pakistan’s nuclear stockpile in a highly orchestrated game of coercion and false confessions. The mad men plan to strike fast and furious then slip out of Karachi unannounced provoking a nuclear war. A comedy of errors end in an ironic twist for the terrorists as Task Force 151 tightens the noose off the Horn of Africa. Trues Lies meets Charlie Wilson’s War.


ENLIGHTENED‘ c1997 drama, 339 pgs sci-fi thriller, 95 pgs  screenplay 009

Dr Gum’s NDE (Near Death Experience) during a dental procedure is an eye opener. A ‘divine gatekeeper’ shows him a future filled with possibilities. He also discovers all the lives he has touched. Thousands of cases have been documented. Millions have reported them. Death Takes a Holiday meets Flatliners.

EZEKIEL’S LOOSE WHEEL c2022  90 pg. scifi thriller screenplay 101 

Cyberattack or interstellar SOS? The six billion dollar man receives a distress signal from the Star link system onboard the Tesla roadster that crashed on a distant planet in dire straits. They need our help. Death Star or Dyson Sphere to disseminate technological advances to save mankind from a similar fate?

Fantastic_Voyage_III_1.jpg Fantastic_Voyage_III_2_.jpg

FANTASTIC VOYAGE III” C 2010 sci fi thriller 300 pg paperback, screenplay 039  After the US president suffers a heart attack befor  the National’s season opener, he’s rushed to the CMDF headquarters to implant cardiac stem cells via a delicate one hour operation. A terror threat in DC necessitates his immediate reponse. A super hero comes to the rescue in the nick of time. An amalgamation of Dave, Fantastic Voyage and Sum of All Fears.

The Fifth pillar cover imageDARPA artificial gene synthesis - Copy

Fifth Pillar, The” c 2017 174 pg technothriller 036, 90 pg screenplay 085

Part of DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency), the United State’s military strategy for cyberwarfare, the 5th Pillar’s aim is to maintain and enhance the advantage of technological change including improved computer literacy and artificial intelligence to protect America from any imminent threats. Active areas of DARPA research include ‘Protein Design’ and ‘Artificial Gene Synthesis’. A brilliant medical discovery into cancer vaccine carriers has caught the attention of the agency. As Einstein’s (meaning ‘one stone’) timeless physics formulas were intended for pacifistic peaceful purposes, the promising technology is modified, militarized ere the insidious side effects are considered with far reaching consequences, as lethal as any targetted nuclear strike, the lesser of two evils? Unfortunately for the fate of mankind, the weapon unwittingly falls into ALL the wrong hands, Pandora’s Box is opened unleashing an extinction level event of epic proportions. No stone is unscathed or left unturned on the unstoppable ‘revelation wrath path’ signifying the end of all things, ‘The Rapture’. As Robert Burns said so succinctly ‘the best laid plans of mice and men gang aft agley.” Inspired by an amalgamation of Outbreak, Live Free or Die Hard, A Walk To Remember, I AM Legend, Left Behind….Lost World.



GAME OVER” c2011 rom com dramedy 90 pgs screenplay 060

Unfathomable obstacles impede an ill fated wedding reception in the midst of a natural disaster. A friend comes along in an attempt to get the groom to the clubhouse weding reception in time. The Sweetest Thing meets Forces of Nature meets Overnight Delivery


‘GLAZERS aka “METEORITE” c2010 303 pgs science fiction thriller, 99 pgs  screenplay 023

Following a meteorite strike in a world biosphere reserve (Cienego Quattro) in Mexico, containing stromatolites, rare billion year old bacteria, the origin of which has eluded NASA scientists, triggers a global pandemic. World health authorities race round the clock in a futile effort to halt the insidious advance of the bizarre “alien flu”. Alien Flu meets Andromeda Strain.

God_Almighty__1.jpgGod Almighty 2

GOD ALMIGHTYc2008 317 pgs comedy drama,96 pgs screenplay 024

Dr Gum has mighty big shoes to fill after he finds himself magically transported to a one room school house in Africa. There he has to fill in for the Almighty who has taken a leave of absence. Oh God You Devil meets Bruce Almighty meets Out of Africa

Golden Mask 1Golden Mask 2

GOLDEN MASKc1992 370 pgs mystery, thriller, 95 pgs screenplay 004

Drs Cassandra Evans discovers a priceless artifact in the Museum of Antiquities in Athens is a forgery. She teams up with Dr Gum on a wild goose chase through Greece to try to find the real Mask. They discover a sinister black market of pricey art works exchanged for ‘clinical services’ aboard a mysterious yacht roaming the Mediterranean. Cassandra  meets Indiana Jones.


GOLDFIELD” c2013 western biopic fiction thriller 90 pgs. screenplay 079

Based on the life of George Wingfield, the most unlikely unsung hero. The humble, honest, hard working cowhand with a ‘Heart of Gold’ and ‘Midas Touch’ rose from a fair and square faro dealer to rule over all of Nevada like an Egyptian Pharoah. Howard Hughes of high grade ore. Napolean of Nevada Finance, “King George” owned and operated the state like a rags to riches Russian Csar. Unforgiven meets The Good, The Bad and The Ugly meets George Wingfield.

“Guardians of the Genome” c2022 scintillating 90 pg mo cudramedy   096

The Guardians of the Genome must battle the evil Enclave’s genetically engineered army of superhumans, corrupt politicians and evil entities   who seek to gain intergalactic control of the universe by destroying everything in their revelatory wrath path like an insidious never ending metastasizing cancer.  

Hooked 1Hooked 2

‘HOOKED c1995 338 pgs comedy drama, 99 pgs  screenplay 007

Three life lines are intertwined when Drs Gum and Arthur give Cali, an aspiring actress from the school of hard knocks, a second chance asthey chase her to Land’s End in this convoluted Baja California action adventure. Arthur meets Hotel California meets Once Upon a Time in Mexico.


IN GOLD WE TRUST” c2016 150 pg paperback,90 pgs action adventure screenplay 083. A precious cargo of $3 million in $20 double gold eagles  a ‘gold engagement’ gift to the Tsar and to pay for the US Navy was lost. Presumably aboard the RMS Republic after she was broadsided by SS Florida and sunk off Nantucket on Jan 24, 1909 in 270′ of water. A series of compelling clues lead our skeptical treasure hunters on another wild goose chase. An amalgamation of National Treasure, Paycheck and Tower Heist

Insight_1_.jpgInsight 2

INSIGHT‘ c 2010 rom com 94 pgs screenplay 042 A series of serendipitous events brings two strangers from seemingly opposite ends of the spectrum together. Chance? destiny? or fate? Their lives are intertwined, filled with countless hurdles, hardships and obstacles that ultimately tests their faith in one another. Inspired by Serendipity


JABBERWHACKY‘ c2009 science fiction dramedy 96 pgs  screenplay 033

Dr Gum assists in an emergency experimental voice box surgery when a former physician and author, now an aspiring political figure, faints during a fundraiser in Las Vegas. Relentless garbled ramblings, a bizarre side effect after the operation, prove to be puzzling predictions of events and inventions in the distant future. Inspired by The Terminal Man and Michael Crichton’s career.

JUSTICE LEAGUE DOOMED c 2019 action thriller 94 pgs. screenplay 87                                                                                                                The caped crusader, Batman, intercepts a signal of an impending alien attack on earth while searching for the Achilles heel in the Justice League. (Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Flash, Cyborg, Martian Manhunter, Ms Victory, Shannon Carter, Jesse Quick and Black Canary). Superheroes surface during Comicon in Calgary and rise to the occasion following a direct strike on the stampede city of epic, apocalyptic proportions. The resilient citizens attempt to stave off annihilation in an intergalactic pandemic come ‘hell or high water’. Earth’s final or finest hour? Will justice prevail?


Kick Ass Kasino” c2022 action thriller  90 pg. screenplay 100

While RVing in Texas, the Six Billion Dollar Man teams up with Tribal Nations and resilient town folk to take back the Kickapoo Lucky Eagle Casino caught in the cross hairs of vicious rivals, the Juarrez and the Sinaloa cartels, battling for ownership in their ever expanding trans national criminal enterprises.  

                                                    Lacryma Christi book cover  globalpandemic-copy-2

LACRYMA CHRISTI” aka “Tears of Christ” c2015  medical sci fi thriller  339 pg pb

Following a fateful collision of two of the world’s largest cruise ships off the coast of Africa, a lethal pandemic of epic proportions is unleashed after the virus leaps species. The disease rapidly spreads after human hosts and countless species of infected sharks and birds continue their migration along the Mediterranean Sea coastines into the Middle East and Asia. Can world health authorities stop it’s insidious advance around the globe with a new experimental vaccine enroute to the hotzones?

                                             1 a Lion Island image 1 b Lion Island

LION ISLAND” aka Ngala Prehistoric Park c2016, sci fi horror 174 pg pb, 90 pg screenplay 084

A billionaire’s bold vision to reintroduce genetically engineered prehistoric species that once roamed the plains of North America goes awry. The creatures escape the CARE facility and go on a feeding frenzy of the idyllic Ngala (Lion) Nature Reserve, an African Safari style resort on a Channel island off the coast of Southern California. Forced to flee in a mass exodus following an extermination attempt like the former inhabitants, the Chumash Indians, the ferocious beasts must find a new home.


MAGIC IS IN THE HARE” c2013 a zany semi animated musical magic rom com satire parody 90 pgs 078  After Dr. B. Rabbit and his assistant Roxy’s musical magic number goes off without a hitch at a contest in Vegas, the rising stars become a resounding success. There must be a catch! Magic meets Viva Las Vegas meets Chicago.


MELTDOWN c2007 sci-fi thriller 336 pgs pb, 102 pgs screenplay 020

Eco terrorists hijack a specially modified icebreaker, a Floating Nuclear Power Plant, a promising new form of cheap electricity, after it leaves port in Archangel on it’s maiden voyage and good will mission. Under Siege meets Chernobyl meets China Syndrome meets The Exxon Valdez Disaster.


MIND AT LARGE” c2011 sci fi thriller 90 pgs screenplay 065

Dr Gum’s visit to “Hotel California” slowly transforms into a surreal experience as he encounters colorful characters that lead him to discover the underlying nature of the not so idyllic resort & spa. Patch Adams meets Crazy People meets Extreme Measures.


‘MONTAUK MONSTER’ c2009 romantic comedy 96 pgs screenplay 030

After Dr Gum is invited by a producer to document the Montauk Project, at the tip of Long Island, a ‘present’ in the form of a mysterious woman washes ashore who may hold the key to the past and future. Splash meets The Time Tunnel meets The Muse.


‘NEW MILLENIUM c2000 thriller 332 pgs pb,103 pgs  screenplay 012

During dinner with his publisher, Dr Gum accidently spills lemon tea on a galley proof first edition and discovers a strange encrypted terrorist message embedded in the typo while flying back to her HK offices. National Treasure meets Bond.


NIGHTWALKER” c2011 murder mystery 90 pgs screenplay 050

An alluring American attorney and Dr Gum combine their wits to try to solve a strange crime spree by walking a mile in Sir Conan Doyle’s shoes after witnessing a crime. The cunning culprit’s tenuous defense, the victim of a rare albeit acquitable slow brain wave disorder, known as “homicidal somnambulism”. Guilty or innocent? An amalgamation of Basic Instinct, Sherlock Holmes 3? and Legally Blonde: (3?)Across the Pond.


‘NOT A DROPc1991 medical sci-fi thriller 339 pgs pb, 95 pgs screenplay 003

Millions of tourists flock to the opening of the world’s poshest resort. An untimely accident causes a potential global pandemic and widespread panic. The mass exodus has authorities on high alert intent on shooting down any planes trying to return home. Can a vaccine be found in time? Disneyworld meets Outbreak.


NOT YET” c2011 scientific romance drama 90 pgs screenplay 057

A secret Scottish ‘speculative society’ is on the brink of a brilliant scientific breakthrough. Dr Gum and his band of merry medical colleagues are outlawed, then imprisoned. They must defy the laws of the universe to escape. The Skulls meets Timeline meets Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s last published work: ‘The Edge of the Unknown’ (1930).


‘PANDEMONIUM‘ c2009 action thriller 98 pgs screenplay 034

A fire breaks out following a lightning strike during a gala New Year’s opening at the world’s tallest tower in Chicago. USN crews on shore leave at the Navy Pier race against the clock in this riveting rollercoaster rescue ride of the century! The Spire meets The Towering Inferno.


‘PHANTOM OF THE OPERATORY’ c2009 thriller 97 pgs screenplay 029

Dr Gum’s assistant disappears following a patient with the initials, K.M.’s, no show at the clinic. He’s in hot pursuit as she takes the Pacific Surfrider to San Diego. At the Del Coronado Hotel, several characters are drawn into a strange serendipitous series of events reenacting the century old Kate Morgan (K.M.) murder mystery.

‘PIRATES OF THE DEEP WEB’ c2022 mocudramedy 90 pgs  screenplay  094                                                                                                                                               A new age of piracy unlike privateers of the past, pilfer everything amassing fortunes that propel them to the 3rd largest GDP on the planet. A country unto itself. An unstoppable force to reckon with. DARPA is determined to penetrate the deep web, uncover the secret to their success and stop the profiteering.


PULLING STRINGSc2007 sci-fi medical thriller 319 pgs pb, 96 pgs screenplay 019

A power surge in a PBT (Proton Beam Therapy) facility sends Dr Gum’s patient, his aunt, into any one of a number of parallel universes. How can he possibly bring her back alive? String Theory meets Big Bang Theory meets Flatliners.


PULPIT FICTIONc2007 apocalyptic thriller 322 pgs pb, 97 pgs screenplay 021

Medicolegal colleagues are praised for ‘resurrecting’ a charismatic leader following his ‘fatal’ accident. He and a false prophet rise to power to deliver the prophetic  ultimate deception of mankind. End of Days meets Revelation. The Devil meets God.


QUESTA c1993 sci-fi thriller, mystery 288 pgs pb,95 pgs screenplay 005
Dr Gum has 72 hours to retrieve vital laser technology lost during a deadly plane crash in a remote region of the Amazon jungle before the military grazes the area. The survivors stumble across a research vessel. Will they assist and comply with the deadly ultimatum? Medicine Man meets Lost.


QUICKSILVER” c2013 adventure, apocalyptic thriller 90 pgs screenplay 080

After an ad exec hurriedly gives his notice 3 1/2 days before he gets his pink slip, he takes his typical Fockers/Griswolds family from Chicago on a road trip to the deep south. How deep you ask? An untimely closure and turn of events lead the family west on a date with destiny. Viva Last Vivos! (RV Resort) National Lampoon’s Vacation meets Broken Arrow meets Knowing.


“RAID” c 2012 science fiction thriller 90 pgs screenplay 068

The tables are turned as novel nanobot technology developed for DARPA is unleashed against a corporate giant via a nano Trojan Horse like gift to prevent a hostile takeover of the small firm that pioneered the prototype. Prey meets Swarm meets Deep Evil.


REFLECTIONS c2001 apocalyptic thriller 336 pgs pb, 96 pgsscreenplay 013

The fatal fall of an NYU prof from the Freedom Tower into the Reflection Pool leads a group of medicolegal colleagues to discover the identity and true intentions of a cloned leader, the embodiment of all evil in Rome. His rapid rise to political power must be stopped. They need to prevent his upcoming address at the UN in NYC but how? 6th Day meets The Omen meets End of Days.

Rising 1Rising 2

‘RISING c2009 psychological horror 313 pgs pb,  96 pgs screenplay 032

Dr Gum is dying to document paranormal activity rumored to plague a regal haunted hotel at a remote retreat. He decides to kill two birds with one stone by bringing along his new bride. Events spiral downward and soon turn into the honeymoon from hell. The Shining meets Paranormal Activity.


ROOK c1994, comedy, drama, semi-animated 337 pgs pb, 98 pgs screenplay 006

While on vacation, facing a mid life crisis, Dr Gum unearths Bugs Bunny while digging for clams in Pismo Beach. Bugs invites Dr Gum to a gala dinner at the Hearst Castle up the road. A cartoon character is found dead in the Neptune pool. Can the dynamic duo solve the murder mystery? Dr Gum meets the Looney Tune characters meets Hollywood Legends.

ROUTE 666 dramedy 95 pgs screenplay

Dr Gum and his beloved embark on a rollercoaster ride along Route 66. Countless shenanigans and unscheduled stops test their vehicle, relationship and faith held together by a tenuously thin tether.

Project McCaper 1Sabotage_2.jpg

SABOTAGEaka “PROJECT McCAPER” 2003, suspense thriller 332 pgs pb, 96 pgs screenplay 015  Dr Gum’s clinic is mysteriously trashed after the arrival of a prospective business partner taking an experimental medication to wean alcoholics from their addictive habits. An unexpected side effect of the drug is complete amnesia. Physicians buy into the bogus pharmaceutical firm’s claims. Is the CIA up to their old tricks again? Extreme Measures meets Conspiracy Theory meets Enemy of the State.


SALT II” (SALT SHAKER) c2011 action sci fi 90 pgs screenplay 061

Salt seeks to sleuth out Orlov’s assassins who have reinvented the most unimaginable ‘variant’ of Russian Roulette intent on wiping out not only America but the whole world. Salt meets The Fugitive meets the Sum of All Fears


SKY PARLOR” c2011 horror, sci-f, 90 pgs screenplay 048

The staff of a haunted pub, a former funeral home, face a series of surreal phenomena plaguing them and their colleagues caught  in the cross hairs of a series of convoluted supernatural apocalyptic events. The discover the pub may possibly be a portal into another dimension. The Box meets Stigmata meets Paranormal Activity


SPEARPHISH” c2011 crime dramedy 90 pgs  screenplay 054

The most savvy speculators are duped by the innovative con artist who’s made off with millions, perhaps billions. His fortune cookie’s about to crumble as the tables are turned by novices hackers intent on getting their investment back and then some! Trading Places meets Boiler Room meets Fun With Dick and Jane meets Swordfish


STEMWINDER‘ c2006 sci-fi thriller 342 pgs pb, 112 pgs screenplay 018

Following a colleague’s funeral in absentia, Dr Gum is invited to join an endodontist’s team at NYU who has pioneered a new ‘stemwinder’ technique to harvest stem cells from the root canal. Not convinced, he’s flown to a distant clinic carte blanche, where he uncovers a shocking stem cell discovery and must stop it. 6th Day meets The Island.


SUBMARINE SLIDEc2002 sci-fi thriller 324 pgs pb, 96 pgs screenplay 014

Foremost on the minds of the USGS, the possibility of a ‘submarine slide’ in the Puerto Rico Trench occurring within the next 50 years. A calamity of errors prior to a nuclear summit in Mexico City precipitates a catastrophic tsunami throughout the Caribbean.  Hunt for Red October meets Glomar Express meets USGS predictions.


SUBTERRANEA‘ c2010 aka ‘THE MAGIC UNDERGROUND‘ sci fi mystery 95 pgs screenplay 043

A mysterious exodus of missing patients and homeless derelicts several stories below NYC ‘ in search of the elusive ‘magic underground’ unnerves NYU docs. The sand hogs are in a quandry over sudden electromagnetic seismic surges that stop the vital flow of water. Are the events linked? Extreme Measures meets H.G. Well’s: The Time Machine meets Daybreak.


SUMMA GATE” c2011 sci fi dramedy 90 pgs screenplay 056

A miracle awaits the citizens of Sumquat, “The City of Tomorrow”, forced to endure intolerable environmental horrors, lethal levels of toxic waste brought on by an unconscionable bureaucracy that a cemetery for children exists. Erin Brockovitch meets Patch Adams meets Extraordinary Measures.


‘SWEET TOOTH’ c2009 dramedy 96 pgs screenplay 037

Nothing short of a miracle can save a struggling small town hit hard during the recession and the festive holiday season. Inspired by the author’s ‘Sweet Tooth’ TM chocolate patent. New in Town meets Christmas in My Home Town meets A Holiday For Love.


‘TERRA VISTAc1989, science fiction, thriller 325 pgs pb, 100 pgs screenplay 001

The space plane spins on an out of earth orbit after flying through the aurora borealis on it’s maiden flight. Running on empty, the only hope, a long shot, aim for the Space Station. Snatched up by the Canada Space arms and reeled aboard, the heart stopping ordeal proves too much for one of the passengers. Space Cowboys meets Gravity meets Awake

Terror Island 1 aTerror_Island_2b.jpg

TERROR ISLAND” aka “EVILUTION” c2011 sci fi horror 90 pgs screenplay 059

An ill fated attempt to reintroduce the extinct Caspian Tiger into the wild goes awry after the hybrid creatures, allegedly a mix of Caspian Tiger, Saber Tooth Tiger, Pterosaur, etc DNA escape from the lab and terrorize a billionaire’s island resort. Fantasy Island meets Jurassic World.


                                                                   “The Bang Bang Boys” c2022  90 pg thriller   098

Following the brutal murder of Steve Austin’s mentor by a ruthless Chinese -Mexican drug gang, kidnapping the victim’s daughter, hijacking his RV, the six billion dollar man coupled with FARA, America’s most lethal Future Attack Reconnaissance Aircraft hunt down the terrorists.


THE BOARDc1998 drama, comedy 335 pgs pb, 98 pgs  screenplay 010

Drugged and disoriented Dr Gum falls off the Michigan Avenue bridge after writing a board exam in Chicago. A janitor at the Navy Pier fishes him out, takes him in and suggests the advertising savant apply at a local firm where he rises to the top. A trail of clues during his amnesic episode uncover the true intentions of the Board. What goes around eventually comes around. Big meets The Firm meets The Ladykillers.


THE FINGER OF GOD” c2011 action thriller adventure 90 pgs screenplay 058
The ten commandment tablets miraculously resurface in the Caspian Sea. They attract the attention of the world’s most notorious thieves while temporarily on display in the Palace of Peace and Reconciliation in the capital of Kazakhistan. Raiders of the Lost Ark meets Naked Gun meets Oceans 13.


THE FLOAT HOUSE” c2013 90 pgs thriller screenplay 074

Following a festive party and university fundraiser aboard Dr Gum’s floating house in Mission Creek, San Francisco, persistent pesky predators stage a deadly home invasion. The Party meets Straw Dogs meets Panic Room.


‘THE FROZEN CHOSEN’ c2010 sci fi thriller 94 pgs screenplay 041

The search and rescue party in a remote arctic region arrive too late, about to pronounce the victim. Their only hope cryopreservative perfusion. They weren’t the 1st responders when they discover ‘a mysterious liquid’ already circulating through the lifeless corpse, which is miraculously still alive. Taken meets Forever Young.


‘THE GLASS’ c2010 action spy thriller 95 pgs screenplat 045

A series of coincidences bring the tinkerers, tailors, soldiers and spies to the brink of disaster. Forces of nature? premonitions? prophecies? The powers that be must prevent a preordained catastrophe on the scale of the Tunguska Event. Knowing meets Paycheck meets Sum of All Fears.


THE GREAT MUSEUM HEIST” c2013 90 pgs fiction suspense thriller 077

A convoluted trail of clues and comedy of errors lead to the apprehension of the mastermind behind the greatest art heist in history. Half a billion dollars worth of Vermeers and Rembrandts stolen from the Isabella Gardner Museum in Boston on St Patty’s Day eve back in 1991 have never resurfaced!  The Bourne Identity meets The Dead Zone meets Head Over Heels.


‘THE ICE FOREST’ c 2010 suspense, thriller 93 pgs screenplay 040

Dr Gum is left for dead in a desolate region near the Ice Hotel north of the arctic circle. He must back track to unravel this tale of treachery and intrigue as terrorists attempt to impede the delivery of an unlimited precious natural resource America is counting on to get through another fierce winter. Die Another Day meets The Game meets Awake.

Hand inserts a molecule into DNA concept design.

‘The Mansion of Dr M’  c2022  90 pg horror dramedy  screenplay  095

Dr Moreau’s macabre medical genetic engineering experiments to eradicate debilitating diseases breach the ethical boundaries in his clinic in a castle-like mansion on an island surrounded by a moat overlooking the City of Angels. (4th remake of ‘The Island of Dr Moreau’)

The_Movie_Mobile_1.jpg  The_Movie_Mobile_2.jpg

“THE MOVIE MOBILE” c2011 sci fi, romance comedy 93 pgs screenplay 049

An old projectionist pops up all across America spreading joy and intrigue from his compelling cinematic message that always features the members of his audience. The Majestic meets Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance meets Oh God.

The Privateers 1cThe Privateers 2

THE PRIVATEERS” c2013 90 pgs action adventure screenplay 070

A trio of modern day privateers make a startling discovery when they stumble across the treasure map to the spoils of a prosperous pirate turned privateer during the ‘Golden Age of Piracy’. They must use their wits to get away with not only a small fortune but their lives after a Columbian drug lord claims their prize. National Treasure meets Paycheck meets Fool’s Gold.

The_ROM_2.jpg   The_ROM_the_movie_1.jpg

The ROM‘  c1999 365 pgs pb sci fi horror 120 pg screenplay 011  Following a lightning strike on The ROM (Royal Ontario Museum) dinosaur eggs in the paleontology dept. hatch. The frightened, famished, ‘fish out of water’ terrorize Toronto then dine and dash on a ‘road trip’ through SE Ontario. The US president plans a preemptive strike on Toronto Island ere they swim across L. Ontario into NY state. Jurassic Park meets The Relic meets Canadian Bacon.

The ROM 2The_ROM_the_movie_1.jpgTerror Island 1 aBMUTV - Copyalligator-alley-1Viciousaurus sequel to The ROM2015 elements of The ROM in JW copyright infringements

Entered in the 2010 BOSI (Business of Show Institute) Utube video pitch contest, “The ROM” (the next Jurassic Park / World?) 120 pg. screenplay adaptation ranked #1 in popular votes, more than 20,000 Utube views, 2 million people wanted to see it in 3D. 2 producers explored making a $100 million dollar feature film. Storyboards were prepared. It was one of 4 dinosaur / creature feature type scripts (“The ROM”, “Terror Island”, “Bury Me Under The Volcano”, “Alligator Alley”) Bernie submitted to producers while Jurassic Park / World was in production hell. 100 + copyright infringements thus far including dialogue, scenes and storyline elements were discovered in the film, Jurassic World et al. Legal action is pending.


‘THE SCRYINGaka “FAULTLINE” c2008 sci fi drama 328 pgs pb, 95 pgs screenplay 026

Dr Gum discovers one of the last crystal skulls in Costa Rica near the end of 2012. The ‘crystal ball’ depicts a vivid vision, a past disaster or possibly a frightening future fiasco flying back to San Jose. An earthquake swarm is unleashed following the prophetic vision. 2012 meets San Andreas meets Earthquake.

The Six Billion Dollar Man” c2022 scintillating 90 pg screenplay  097

Following a near fatal spacecraft crash, Steve Austin is rebuilt from the ground up in a series of experimental surgeries. The government spared no expense building him back better, stronger, more resilient to tackle global terrorist threats and injustices. 

The_Sleep_Committee_1.jpg The_Sleep_Committee_2.jpg

The SLEEP COMMITTEE” c2011 sci fi drama90 pgs screenplay 055

A Nobel Prize winning scientist slips into a coma following a plane crash enroute to make his acceptance speech. As a last resort, The Sleep Committee is called to get to his buried subconscious treasure before the terrorists do. Flatliners meets Inception meets Transformers: Dark of the Moon.


THE SPACE BAR” c2011 science fiction, dramedy 90 pgs screenplay 053

A decadently delightful dinner date in a state of the art night club in Moscow turns into a disastrous nightmare, an unbelievable rollercoaster ride. Blind Date meets Inner Space meets Honey I Shrunk the Kids.


The Substantiator‘ c 2022 90 pg political jib jab mockudramedy    102

An accountant is tasked with analyzing a laptop, compromised by Chinese spies, seized during a raid of the president’s son, Habanero Button, by an IRS mole implanted in his pricey taxpayer funded compound.  

The_X_Files_The_Grey_Zone_1.jpg  The_X_Files_The_Grey_Zone_2.jpg

The X FILES: The GREY ZONE c2010 sci fi thriller 300 pgs pb, 95 pgs screenplay 046

A honeymooning couple mistakenly take a wrong turn and get on the ‘magic bus’ bound for Area 51. There they make a shocking discovery during the International Red Bull air races. The US air base is not run by USAF authorities at all! Taken meets X Files meets Independence Day.


Ticking Time Bomb  c2022 Docudramedy fiction  092

Dizzying discussion between Einstein and Dr Manhattan about the life and death power of the mighty atom, the Manhattan Project, the advent of the atomic bomb & nuclear weapons, nuclear accidents, technology used to develop chemotherapeutics, nuclear medicine and Proton Beam Therapy and parallel multiverses.


                                                                               “Trillions” c2022  90 pg thriller    093

The feisty fortune 500 Wallstreet trader learns that the long arm of the law can reach him even during a comfortable retirement incognito overseas. The only remaining option, sound legal advice is nowhere to go but up! 


‘UBAR c2005, future sci-fi thriller 302 pgs pb, 98 pgs screenplay 017

Dr Gum travels to a futuristic theme park in Ubar and discovers a deadly glitch in the computer code that intiates it’s own interpretation of the texts upon which the park is based. Westworld meets Futureworld meets Arabian Nights World.


‘ULTRA STEALTH: WAR GAMES‘ c2009 action comedy 97 pgs screenplay 028

Ferris  Bueller and friends face a dilemma when they discover a strange UAV parked on their parent’s driveway following a festive birthday party playing a new video game, Ultra Stealth:War Games. War Games meets Broken Arrow meets Panic Room.


VENUS’ GROTTO” c2011 romance comedy 90 pgs screenplay 051

Dr Gum gets so much more than he bargained for on his honeymoon in this devilishly delicious ridiculous romantic comedy just in time for Valentine’s Day. Tannhauser’s Opera meets Before You Say I Do meets Some Like It Hot.


VIRA (VIRtual Actress)” c2011 comedy 90 pgs screenplay 052

An aspiring screenwriter must start from scratch and forced to resort to tacky tactics to remake his film torched by a vindictive producer intent on destroying his career. Bowfinger meets S1mOne meets Big Fat Liar.

‘WINNER”   c2022  90pgs  inspired by a true story  screenplay 091

A young down on his luck cowpoke didn’t have two plugged nickels to rub together. Five bucks in his pocket to buy some livestock feed, he bought a winning power ball ticket instead. Miracles do happen. It could happen to you.

YOU CAN’T TAKE IT WITH YOU” c2013 90 pgs action adventure screenplay 072

Dr Gum and his family flee for their lives, bury the past, then disappear from the face of the earth. They resurface in Zurich, Switzerland leading new lives in complete anonymity until they’re discovered during a Rapper’s wake aboard a ritzy cruise ship. Long Kiss Goodnight meets Bird On A Wire meets True Lies.


ZOMBIE STREET” c2011 thriller 90 pgs screenplay 064

After menacing zombies break out of ‘The Raft’ (Riker’s Prison Ship) that crashes on a Manhattan pier, they dismember and devour Wallstreet’s despicable stock brokers and traders in horrific take-outs and hostile takeovers. Wallstreet meets Too Big To Fail meets World War Z.


The Majestic 2001



Dr Gum assists in an emergency experimental voice box surgery when a former physician and author, now an aspiring political figure, faints during a fundraiser in Las Vegas. Relentless garbled ramblings, a bizarre side effect after the operateventions in the distant future. Inspired by The Terminal Man and Michael