US District Court ruling for expansion of ‘dental specialties’

United States District Court ruling sets stage for expansion of ‘dental specialties’, practitioner independence from ADA restrictions January 25, 2016 By Michael W. Davis, DDS; Apex360 Editors Federal court rules dentists in Texas can advertise as ‘specialists’ in anesthesia, implantology, and non-American Dental Association (ADA) specialties. Arguments from associations representing non-ADA speciaities prevail. Plaintiffs include […]

Copyright Laws

Copyright laws, a necessary evil like the government? Bob Sullivan wrote several amicable letters to Dreamworks before finally filing in US Federal Court in NYC awaiting and expecting an epic David vs Goliath battle. When the smoke finally cleared 94 copyright infringements were proven to occur in the 2005 film, “The Island” a remake or […]